Saturday, October 30, 2010


Good morning all my little gholish girls and boys! How are you doing this chilly end of the month? I had a rude awakening this morning but now all is better LOL! I rolled off the bed and then once I got my mental faculties about me, I noticed my poor little toes were blue! Talk about getting cold feet! LOL!

Ok so I have had 2 doctor visits since I talked to you last... the one that was SUPPOSED to be the last sadly is not the case! So its ANOTHER 6 weeks of annoyances by medical ignoramouses! UGH... ok so at my visit on the 21st, it was well weight wise! I shed those 3.5 pounds of "Marching Band concession evils" PLUS another 2 pounds YAY! ok so I am back on track... BUT my BP was skyrocketed so THAT plus some of my labs is why I have to keep going back for another 6 weeks eval. period YUCK! Needless to say the BP meds stayed too. OK fine UGH... last week only resulted in a half a pound drop but the BP was back to "Lets-try-not-to-stroke-out" levels. However good news is I am down 1 whole pant size! YAY! My goal was 2 by Christmas, so it just may happen. I have set a couple of other goals to try to hit by the new year... keep your fingers crossed! For now they remain a secret LOL until I know whether they are obtainable or not LOL.

OK so on the "June Cleaver" side... sadly we are not doing anything for Halloween. We're just not in the mood. However I have been reviewing cookie recipes for our 2nd annual get together for our friends. Yes kids, the baking bug has fluttered around the house a couple of times. Gonna try to catch him soon LOL! The kids and I have also wanted to do a "Gator Blue" Christmas next year but we don't have the stuff so I might look for freecycle stuff... who knows. Madison found her a blue Santa hat for the Christmas Band parade and that's when it started... there are tons of blue decorations out there, hopefully someone can give us some... hmmm... curious if my kids can ralley and make a Gator Spirit House! Oh and I want to make a gigantic wooden Gator cutout for the yard! LOL! SO I'm gonna get stuff on after Christmas special too! LOL!

Well I'm both happy and sad to report that Marching Band season is coming to a close. They performed at Area competition in Galena Park and made the finals. However that is where it came to a halt. They are NOT going to state competition. And there is one football game left. If the FB team loses, they will NOT go to playoffs and marching season will officially be over. So next Friday, we will know. I am sad because we love band season but hate the hectic chaos we live in temporarily during that time LOL. So I'm happy as things will be slowing down... is that wrong? LOL.

Its a pretty day outside, so I think I'm gonna get off here and maybe prep my containers in the yard for a winter crop! Summer cooked my plants... lets try for a better winter one! I'm also thinking about having a couple of craft sales this coming month! WHO knows... so I'll talk to you all again soon! HUGS!

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  1. Debbie "MOM"November 4, 2010 at 11:04 AM

    Glad to see your blog again this month. We all out here in blogland miss the entertaining daily write-ups but we also understand that more important matters are at hand as well. Hope those things are progressing the way you want them to.
    Thats some pretty GOOD news on the weight loss but not so much on the swinging B/P. Thats kind of dangerous but I guess its better then it being high ALL the time from stress! Keep up the good work!
    I dont recall Elvis ever singing "I'll have a Gator blue Christmas without you"! LOL
    Blue and white Christmas decorations are very popular and very abundant out there. I dont know how easy it will be getting Christmas stuff on freecycle though. Usually people like to hold on to Christmas things because the items become "sentimental". But good luck with that search anyway.
    You are right about maybe having better luck with a winter garden here in our area. The summer "cooked alot of peoples gardens this year I read from other peoples blogs and comments on others sites. If this cool snap is an indication of weather to come though, you might not have too long of a growing time before we get some unusually early frost. We'll see! Hope to see your blog again next month. Til next time........