Friday, October 15, 2010


Hi there my friends! How you doing on this crazy crispy fall Friday? Let me tell ya... mother nature gt me good last night! Went to bed in boxers and my T-shirt woke up with the most horrible cold muscle charlie horses like you could not imagine!

Well, we're gonna start today's wekly wrap-up with the Dr. report... ick! Not happy at all!

10-14-10: I wasn't feeling real well yesterday and really didn't want to go, but off I went for my early morning butt chewing! I got so depressed when I got on that scale! I gained weight! NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! BUT I lost almost a whole inch, so dr. says its muscle mass cause she can see rock hard muscles now and more sculpting to my body contour. I don't care! Gaining is a BIG NO-NO! On top of that, my BP and pulse were "a bit" high too! She argued with me and that made it worse. I threatened not to come back anymore. Can you believe she threatened to have security remove me until I could cool off??! SHE wanted me there... I didn't care! Throw me out! Geez... but once I calmed down, she asked me about the additional exercising I was doing to pinpoint how I was building the mass and she altered it a bit for me. So maybe I won't gain as much mass, but will shed more weight. I was also very swollen for some reason. She can't figure out why I am retaining so much fluid, even on my meds to help that... we shall see what the next week has in store!

STATS: + 3.5 pounds, BP- 185/102, P- 108

Then as you all know, its the peak of Marching band Season. Last weekend we had the Katy Invitational. My parents got to go with and Dad got some good pics of the DD! Tonight is a football game til late and then tomorrow we have the Lone Star Preview all the way in Conroe and OMG it plans to be a long day! We probably won't get home til 1am Sat/Sun. am! Luckily the only plans we have on Sunday is my "nephew" Josh is coming over to work on a project and the landlord is having a plumber come over. Then of course I have my DD's PMS! So I am eating everything in sight and grumpy beyond belief LOL! I haven't had to deal with that issue in almost 10 years! And now this! OMG seriously!?Betcha once that is here, I will stop eating and swelling! LOL! Its crazy...

I figure at the end of marching season/this month, I'm gonna get super crafty cause I am already thinking of doing a craft sale or 2 and then making stuff for personal reasons. I am also advertising all my services (catering, personal chef, sewing/crafts, etc) on Facebook too. Trying to get out there! I need to make mucho money and fast.

So anyways, that's about it for right now. Got a couple of small jobs to make some potential change, but other than that this has been kind of an uneventful week. So I will get off here so I can go shower (just finished working out) and get todays preps done. Talk to you soon! HUGS!

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  1. Debbie "MOM"October 21, 2010 at 2:10 PM

    Just read your blog.....5 days after you wrote it! You need to let me know when you post, because I was used to everyday, and now it going to be weekly maybe? Oh well, concerning the weight gain....have you considered the fact that some of that "stadium food" during those competitions is doing your diet in? I know when I was doing the band mom thing, I ate a ton of frito pies and sausages on a stick, etc. and that stuff is not exactly fat free. Once competiotions are over and that temptation is gone, I bet the pounds start coming off again. But also remember.... holidays are coming up and those are weight gaining times as well. LOL If you take note of what you eat and cook during the holidays, I bet you wont do too bad. Good Luck! Til next time......