Monday, June 14, 2010


Morning everybody! How are you doing this scorching beginning of the week? How many of you have those Garfield mugs out filled with Java that says “I hate Mondays”?? LMAO! (A Hukilau is a way of fishing invented by the ancient Hawaiians. A Hukilau is also known to local Hawaiians as a festive beach gathering... for those wondering about the title LOL).

OK so I was crafting my little self crazy yesterday… so much that I started to lose my mojo and had to switch gears to keep it flowing! Let’s get started so you can see some of the funky things I made.

Remember I said the DB and DH had some traditional BBQing man suds? LOL… well I managed to save a few of the bottle caps. TADA! Beer bottle Cap earrings (from the Bud Light Lime collection LMAO). Its actually a very pretty green on the cap and labels. I managed to save a few of the bottles too… which I am thinking some lime green (or whatever green I can find) gem rocks inside and a cool shade would make an awesome lamp! I might just have to scout around!

Now this is for the serious gamer LOL! I think these would be cute if you have a “game” room or a “library” in your home or as a gift for the Scrabble enthusiast… presenting the Scrabble tile drink coasters! Notice how all the words are “drink” related? Cool, isn’t it? This is a cool project if your precious little ones managed to run off with some of your tiles and render your game useless without them. Or maybe you lost some in a move or when you threw the box at your DH cause he was aggravating the tar out of you because he wanted to play the word AIN’T… LOL!

Then of course, the Scrabble “geek” is definitely gonna need a pair of monogram earrings to sport around during tournaments, game night, etc. LOL! I thought these were cool, even though I broke an awesome seam ripper trying to make the dang little holes in the tiles because I couldn’t find a small enough drill bit LOL! So after doing the coasters, these are the letters I had doubles of, so that’s the ones I started with. I am gonna make rounds to thrift stores, Freecycling, etc and see if anyone has some more scrabble parts that need a good home. I also took some of the tiles and hot glued them onto the backs of flat earring posts and made Scrabble push pins for cork board use!

Ever seen a keyboard disassembled like this before? Its quite easy really. This was a very old keyboard that I had packed in a box that didn’t work and had a few broken parts. So I took it apart and popped all the keys out of it. I have a few ideas for this little dinosaur… but first I have to get all the annoying tabs broken from the middles. And when you have CTS in both hands, it gets a little tiresome and painful! LOL but…

Before I got major cramps in my hands and wrists, I managed to whip out some “Computer Tech Savvy” Earrings from some of the keys. You have a pair that says Home & End, Delete & Insert, Page Up & Page Down. I think they are pretty funky!

Then from some more of the old keyboard parts, I made DD a magnet for her board… notice what the keys spell out? Yep… BAND! Hey I had to keep with the theme of her room LOL! She was loving it when she finally realized it was there LOL!

Speaking of magnets, do you have any of those old “used-up-but-to-cute-to-throw-away” gift cards? I do… I have tons. What better way to keep them without them becoming clutter than to make them into magnets! I simply mounted them on a sheet of magnet and trimmed around the edge. Now I know it is not Christmas time yet, but they were the first one I took out of the “junk box”. Yes I have a junk box LOL… it’s a box that I have been tossing things into that I think I can use in crafting… little figurines, ornaments, buttons, cards, game pieces, and etc. like these old GC’S! LOL! I have all kinds of treasures in my junk box! OMG I so just thought of a name for it MY TREASURE CHEST!!!!!! OMG LOVING IT! I have to decorate it real fancy like! OMG or get a wooden “chest” and paint and decorate it from the Hobby store! OH FUN FUN!

Here we have a small little pocket scratch book. I used key rings but I don’t like how big they are so I either need to add more paper or change the rings. However it would be a cute addition to the poker bag I started or the lotto bag I already made. Its very useful in multiple situations LOL!

OK, so I had the second Friskies bag to use right? Well I COULD have made another tote bag… but I opted for a shopping bag. I think this would be so cute to take like to Petsmart and have them look at it in awe as I request all my kitty goodies be put in there to save the environment from further plastic trash! I love seeing people's reactions to things that you don’t see everyday… especially things that I make! LMAO!

Ok, so I started to lose my mojo after the cat food shopping bag. I don’t know why. Maybe because I had been sitting at the table all day crafting and my brain hurt. Maybe because I was frustrated that I didn’t have a few parts to do some of the other crafts I wanted to do. Or just maybe I was tired of recycling and wanted something different. See, I told you, with my ADHD I have to jump around and NOT stay with the same thing for long or else I get very bored and only bad comes from boredom! SO I figured maybe if I tried changing what I was focusing on, I would get back in the groove…

Sure enough it worked! I saw some scraps laying on the table and I had inspiration! Remember, Madison’s Sweet 16 is coming up soon, so I need to get busy getting everything together for her party! White with black music notes and blue accents is the theme, remember? I saw blue bias tape and scrap triangles of the material I did her room in and am doing her party decorations in… IDEA!!! You know those plastic pennant banners that you can buy for like $8 at the store and they rip and fall apart because they are cheaply made? Well I cut out the triangles to be the same size and sewed them into the bias tape and Voila! A $2 fabric pennant banner matching the rest of the decorations that is less likely to tear and rip! And I saved about $6 EACH too! I like being frugal! I was quite proud of myself for this creation and DD was totally diggin’ it too!

These little blue bags I got as a 2 pack at the Dollar Tree. I have been kind of a freak buying stuff in party colors here and there and seeing what I can come up with LOL! So I saw these blue bags one day and said there has GOT to be something I can do with them for the party. So tonight I started playing with the scraps and folding them like homemade bias tape and I started thinking of how I embellish towels. Why couldn’t I do that to these bags??? I undid part of the side seam and fastened the fabric onto each side of the bag. Cute favor bags for all the guests were the result. Now I could either go buy a few more bags or save a few bucks and make some my own if I have some blue fabric. I don’t think I do though, so I will have to do some super digging to see. Either way I think they are cute!

I also got all the remaining glasses for the centerpieces stickered up and filled with the black and white gem rocks.I got the ones with the blue birthday garland and the blue roses completed and only need 2 of the silver cascades and music notes to finish those and then all of the centerpieces will be complete. I stopped crafting because the DD wanted to study her driver’s education book and ask me questions, so instead I was jotting down party notes and things I wanted to do relating to the party (like decorations, food preps, etc. ) while she studied. I was actually feeling quite proud of myself because, remember that list I said I made Saturday and didn’t touch…. Well I got everything but 2 things done on it AND I actually got 3 extra things done that weren’t even ON the list! A very productive day in my mind!

So, has all this commotion made you even the least bit crafty? Yea? COOL! Well let me tell you, I have a neat little project I am bringing you today! Now if you know me, you know I am a big “cause” supporter… well I am focusing today on the Breast Cancer cause. Now the first time I saw this I was taken aback… BUT when you really think about the reason behind this project, its really cool! SO I am gonna bring you this nifty recycling cause related craft AND some of the comments off the CraftBits website so you can see…

Craft Idea of the Day: Bra Purse


Old bra
Ribbons fringing
Hot glue or craft glue


These bags have been made famous by their use to promote awareness of Breast Cancer.

And to carry on with that awareness I have used my mothers bra's to make the bra projects on this site.

This bra purse is made with a lightweight Lycra bra a padded bra would provide you with more stability, obviously the bigger the bra cup the bigger the purse.

Start by removing the straps from the cups.

You can keep the cups together with most bras, but it will depend on the bra you are using. If you separate the cups you will simply glue them back together along the wire line.

Glue the cups together to form the pouch part of the purse. This bra was slightly open cupped (deep plunge line) so I just glued up the side to form a deeper pouch.

Glue the straps back on to form the handles, these can be short or long depending on your bag style. I used the actual bra straps to keep the purse "Bra Looking" but you could swap this for a cord or ribbon. Just attach them to the top of the bra where the straps would normally sit.

If you are using a Strapless bra then just glue the handles into the inside edge of the cup.

Embellish the handbag by gluing on trims, ribbons and sequins to your desired style.

You can add a little or a lot.

And remember Breast Cancer is important so check each lump and each bump no matter how old or young you are and get a mammogram regularly. Early detection is the key to survival.


I've made a couple of these already ~ a white one and a royal blue one, both of which have pink lace and ribbons and the pink BC awareness ribbon on them. I think they are adorable and the person who came up with the idea is a genius! People shouldn't be anymore offended by these than by the naked women or peeing Calvin bumper stickers on cars. Hooray for BC awareness!!

This has got to be one of the most awesome ways I have ever seen to honor or remember a loved one who has been impacted by breast cancer. I'm going to share this with all my RFL buddies.

Look out Thrift stores and yard sales, I am bra purse hunting.=) clever idea!

ok yes first look i thought oh my goodness why would anyone want to do this. then i read the reason behind it and some comments from quests and one said it write "who hasn't seen a bra" now a days they are everywhere, on TV in almost any store we go into. out on display for everyone to see. so why not on are arm? it is a wonderful idea. i have never know anyone that has had breast cancer but i have seem some ladies out and about that made me want to cry. i support awarness 100% and anything that will help these ladies battle a little easier. i also think its a great idea to make and sell these and giving the money made to the cause. You go girls!

What a fantastic idea. I love finding new & interesting things to make & this place is just full of them. Thankyou for your idea. Gives me all sorts of ideas to raise money for the breast cancer assoc. here in Australia. Thanks again

LOVE THIS!!! I'm going to make a hot pink bra purse. I'll add pink tassels & am thinking of using little pink fabric letters to add the phrase, "Save the ta-tas!" to the purse. Where's my Bedazzler????

WOW..I just started sewing again...been about 20 years...and in fact I just made a couple of purses and this is going to be the next one I mom was a breast cancer survivor..although she is passed now..I love the idea..and will pass along to my sewing friends....

My mom is going through this, but making a bra out of it isn't called mocking? It seems kinda "in-your-face" as if saying, "Hey, I made you this because you know, you have..."
It's cute idea but I wouldn't consider this as a gift option.

Cool Idea, but I would need at least a DD sized bra to hold all my crap! LOL. And I am only an A...Also I can't see myself explaining to my kids, all their friends, and my husband why I am carrying around an embellished bra. No we don't live in the Victorian ages but somethings do need to be kept private. Sorry girls there are lots of ways to show your support for breast cancer awareness and this isn't one I would like my daughter to participate in. Like another guest said, would people really see the bra purse and think oh breast cancer awareness! I think not. You are better off wearing a T-Shirt with your message in plain english stating your cause.

lol I have to tell u I have seen quite a few of these purses. They are great! My aunt is a breast cancer survior. lol Even those of u who think this is tacky or wierd, It served its purpose. It made u think of Breast Cancer. The whole purpose of the bag. GOOD JOB!

I think this is absolutely full of good humor, while supporting (no pun intended) a very good cause! I don't know if I'm gutsy enough to make one and be caught with it out in town, but I can see this making a huge statement in the hands of a confident, fun woman. :)

I think it's a great idea. I can't wait to get some done for the boutique I'm selling things from. Until I read some of the comments on here I was foolishly under the impression that we had gone beyond Victorian times.

LOL!!(= love the idea. for those of you who think its gross, dont worry. its not even a bra any more, its been cleaned, cut and sewed. its just like making a shirt into a stuffed animal.

I love this idea, I think that people should lighten up... its only a bra... who hasnt seen one before?! People who say "eww" and "gross" are obviously too up tight to raise breast cancer awareness, very irritating, just my opinion

I'm a male directed here by a female, neither one of us feels it's inappropriate in anyway for males to see. We seen the X UR heart ads on TV for years and past the store unavoidable displays, so it's nothing we haven't seen before. Lighten up world.

Anyway, you get the idea… mixed emotions for a very “taboo” project could you say? If you want to read the TONS more comments or see the step by step photos, take a gander at it on CraftBits. Either way, I personally think its great!

Okie dokie my friends… its time to eat! I love food and boy does my waistline rat on me for it! But ya know what… I don’t care! Just more of me to love I say LMAO! I have had great fun bringing you “themed foods” weeks, that I think I am gonna keep it going! There are so many great themes we could do… its just so hard to choose! After sitting and jotting down a list of over 100 themes just off the top of my head, I have decided that this week’s theme will be… LUAU FOODS! Yes, with summer in our midst, I will be bringing you some flavor from Hawaii and some of the more popular foods you might find at a Luau (as a Luau is also a popular party theme for the summer, so why not have some authentic food right?). Now, when visiting Hawaii, you will encounter many foods names and terms that may seem quite foreign to you. This is due to the fact that Hawaii is such a melting pot of cultures from around the world, with influences from the Chinese, Filipino, Hawaiian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Puerto Rican, Samoan, Thai, Vietnamese and others. But I will be trying to focus on the dishes more native to the Hawaiian people. So I hope you enjoy this upcoming week of tasty tropical treats!

Chicken Lu’au

Chicken luau won't win any prizes for presentation. It has all the visual appeal of pig slop (or worse), but you'll also notice it's one of the first pots to be scraped clean at a pa'ina. The sweetness of coconut and taro, combined with savory chicken make this one a local favorite. The dish takes its name from the Hawaiian word lū'au, describing the young taro leaves that make the bulk of the recipe.

3 lbs. taro leaves
8 c. water
1 t. sea salt
3 T. unsalted butter
2 medium onions, coarsely chopped
2 lb boneless/skinless chicken breasts or thighs, cubed
2 c. coconut milk
1 c. chicken broth

Remove the taro stems and any tough veins. Hold your hand in front of you. If your taro leaves are larger than your outstretched fingers, chop them into smaller pieces. Bring the salt and water to boil, then add the chopped taro leaves and cook for one hour, stirring occasionally. Don't rush this step! Taro contains calcium oxalate crystals which can cause a fiberglass like irritation in the mouth and throat unless cooked adequately. Drain the taro and lightly squeeze to remove excess water.

Meanwhile, melt the butter in a large skillet over medium heat. Saute the chopped onion until translucent but not browned, about five minutes. Add the chicken and cook another three to four minutes to lightly brown. Finally, add the coconut milk, chicken broth and cooked taro. Simmer gently for fifteen minutes until the chicken is fully cooked. Salt to taste, although in my experience you may not need more. Serve over rice.

Substitutions: You can use spinach in place of the taro, although this changes the flavor somewhat. If you use spinach, don't precook, but instead add it fresh when you add the coconut milk and broth. Another very popular option is to use squid or octopus in place of the chicken.

Serves eight to ten as a hearty side dish.

Well folks, I think that about wraps things up for today! I am gonna wander on over to the “craft station” and see what kind of trouble I can conjure up over there LOL! I hope you liked my adventures in crafting and are excited about the food theme of this week. I hope you will join me tomorrow morning for another cup of craziness and fun! Until tomorrow… HUGS!


  1. Debbie "MOM"June 14, 2010 at 9:58 AM

    Crafty, crafty. Makes me miss my sewing machine sometimes. But I probably wouldn't be able to see to thread the needle these days. LOL I would sew clothes, crafts, toys, Christmas ornaments, Barbie and Ken oufits (those were tough). That was fun times! I mostly crochet these days when my arthritis in my hands let me. Mostly afghans, stuffed animals, and little people characters, which turn out really cute. And I kind of recycle when I crochet. Most of my projects are made from yarn found at thrift stores or simply yarn left over from other projects like the afghans.
    Hawaiian food. Not a bad choice. They use lots of fruits and native veggies and root plants in their cooking. Please just dont feature any meals where the meat dish still has its face on. That grosses me out!!!
    Me and the DH went to use my GC at Houston Garden Center and I hit jackpot. I bought 2 Pear trees about 8 feet tall each and a Grapefruit tree about 4 feet tall, all half price, thank you very much. Also got two bags of potting soil and a bag of peat all totaling $60. I'm a happy gardener. Thats three more trees for my edible yard in my small orchard by the bay. Its getting there, slowly but surely. And I still have about $40 more dollars left on my GC so I might just go back for a couple of more citrus trees, if they are still half price. I am transplanting the trees in larger pots right now until my soil can be tested and prepped. I have to be assured that the hurricane didn't pollute my topsoil before I will plant anything in it. So far my fig trees in my yard are looking much better this year and are covered with little green figs, so we will see.
    Have a great day and til next time....

  2. Ok I just could not wear a bra purse, sorry. But the idea is cool. Guess I'm just not that comfortable with the idea, or confident, or shoot IDK. Hawaiian meals. That's cool. Have you ever been to Hawaii? I would love to go someday. All your crafts are incredibly cute! Are you ever going to sell any of them on here?

    To "MOM- congrads on your trees! You sound excited. Wow Barbie clothes. I could never do that! You're too cool and talented!