Monday, August 30, 2010


(Edited 9-1-10 7:30am)

Hi there everyone. I am glad you stopped by today. I thought you were going to blow up my email box yesterday LOL. Thank you for all the kind words of encouragement you all sent... witout even knowing my problems. There are still good people in the world. I am going through some very rough times in my personal life and you can probably figure out what that is... at least a little. I have been trying to collect my thoughts. I'm just praying time heals and for strength... the less time the better.

Well I need to discuss with you all that I am toying with the idea of shutting down The Frugal Mom on November 30 (my 1yr. anniversary) in more detail, as some of you are utterly confused. I don't feel I can continue to bring you a wonderful journey like I used to... at least right now. I started this blog as a mother... a family woman... with a happy life and that's what I wanted to share with you all... the fun of my "June Cleaver" life and the knowledge I have acquired over the years. However, those fundamental building blocks have since crumbled into the ground- especially this last week- and I don't feel it fair to present you with "fake" happiness. That would be lying to you all and that is something I cannot tolerate- to or from anybody! Many of you asked if there is something you can help and what have I lost. Without going into details, there is nothing that anyone can do or is resposible for, but thank you so very much. The rapid life changes have left me spinning and now I must tell the ride conductor I want off LOL. Rollercoasters have never been my thing anyway LOL.

Maybe I just need a break, I don't know... nothing is written in stone yet. If I choose to stop the blog, I would leave it up thru the end of the year so you could pull your favorite recipes and crafts off the site. I would go thru each blog entry and put as many labels on each as I could so you could quickly locate the various things. However, I would not be continuing with any new entries, unless something was so profound in that time, that I wanted you to know.

With the help of my family, a few good friends, and the good Lord above, I hope that I will make it through this a better person... stronger even. I have not made a final decision yet, but I will keep you informed of when I do. Please do not send emails of negativity or "bashing" as I call it, as only a few know the entire story. And that only makes matters worse anyway. I thank you all for coming and reading every day and all the wonderful comments and emails you have sent over the past almost year. I appreciate each and every one of you far more than you will ever know. I love you all and until next time... Be smart, Be safe, and Be Frugal! HUGS!


  1. Oh Renee please don't close your blog ,if nothing else we can be here to love and encourage you .Sometimes if helps to have a shoulder to cry on .We're here for you dear ,just lean on us for awhile , things will get better .Prayers are coming your way .

  2. Renee,
    First of Hello again, I have been MIA for the same reason you have I read daily but everything is not great no happy family ending for me!
    You know I had a baby in May, well last month my DH told me he did not want to be a husband or a dad my thoughts WTH???? Then if that is not enough for one person I have to be out of my Apartment by Sept. 1st it is now the 3rd still not out because I have no place to go.

    SOOO All that being said, please don't give up your blog, you don't have to blog everyday (OR you can and it don't always have to be good stuff). Just know that there are people out here who LOVE reading your blog, life is ALWAYS going to beat you down, and you are one person who makes my day brighter even when you are not having the best of days!!!

    Melissa in Houston