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Good morning my fantastic frugalers! How are you doing this bright and sunny day? I am doing well… didn’t get much sleep, but I am surprisingly well. I wanna thank my readers for the comments… and Jean you get well soon! I got lots of things accomplished yesterday so I was real proud! I got some errands run, decoupaged a milk jug bird feeder, repotted some of my plants, got some seeds started in some peat pots, and I found my hummingbird feeder, so I hung that up on the front porch. I made some breakfast burritos for the kids for mornings this week, dinner cooked, and a bunch of other things and STILL managed to watch my show LOL! It wasn’t a new episode though, so I was a little bummed, but next week looks good and it IS new!

OK, so yesterday I mentioned the article in the march issue of Texas Monthly called “The Bucket List”. I went out and got a copy so we could discuss it… mom’s got hers, so who of my Texas readers got yours? LOL… In a nutshell, this article says there are at least 63 things in Texas that people should do (Texans) before they die. Some of these things my mom and I (or individually or our whole family) have done and there are some my mom would love to do! Let’s run through the list and if I need to explain about one… well I will LOL!

1. Take the Ultimate Road Trip- it says to drive from the Panhandle to Brownsville. Now I have taken a trip from Houston to about 10-15 minutes away from Brownsville (I think) into South Padre Island and let me tell you… that is an 8 hour trip. So if you are gonna take ANY lengthy road trip, do it with someone you enjoy being around LOL! I was lucky… I was with my mom!

2. Eat BBQ at Snow’s in Lexington

3. See Willie at Floore’s in Helotes (Willie as in Nelson)

4. Play Chicken Shit Bingo (Sorry for the language Mom! You know I don’t cuss in front of you LOL)- My mother has done this at Chili & BBQ cookoffs… I personally have not.

5. See the World in San Antonio

6. Visit the State Fair of Texas in Dallas- I have done this and let me just tell you… you better have some good walking shoes, a lot of time, and even more cash! LOL… oh and a really big appetite!

7. Explore Palo Duro Canyon

8. Buy a pair of custom boots- Been there, done that… too expensive to do again LOL!

9. Float a River

10. Sip a Dublin Dr. Pepper at the factory in Dublin

11. Attend a Party at the McDonald Observatory, near Fort Davis

12. Marvel at the Painted Churches in Little Bohemia

13. Visit the Dead in Fort Worth- I’ve done this too… super creepy- especially at night!

14. Order a Ribeye at Perini Ranch Steakhouse, in Buffalo Gap

15. Take in the River Walk at Christmas in San Antonio- Mom ALMOST got to do this one!

16. Climb Mount Cristo Rey near El Paso

17. Dive in at Dolan Falls along the Devil’s River

18. Drive the River Road near Lajitas

19. Drink a free beer at the K. Spoetzl Brewery in Shiner

20. Fish with your kids at Caddo Lake

21. Learn to ride a horse- Got this one covered too!

22. Eat Calf Fries at Riscky’s Steakhouse in Fort Worth- NO THANKS!

23. Witness the annual corral spawning in the Gulf of Mexico

24. Nap beneath the Ancient Oak in Austin

25. Learn the Two-Step- I SOOOOO have this one covered!

26. Visit Donald Judd’s 100 Mill Aluminum Boxes in Marfa

27. Discover Santa Rita No. 1 in Texon

28. Order a Brown Derby at your favorite Dairy Queen- OMG my mom used to take us to get these all the time! DELISH!!!

29. Watch the Swiftettes in Nazareth

30. See the Marfa lights

31. Have a drink at the Mansion on Turtle Creek in Dallas

32. Swing your partner at the Conjunto Festival in San Antonio

33. Rev your Engine at the Art Car Parade in Houston

34. Read Horseman, Pass by Larry McMurtry

35. Memorize the Texas Pledge of Allegiance

36. Get your Mexican Food Fix at H&H Car Wash & Coffee shop in El Paso

37. Ride the Ferry between Galveston and the Bolivar Peninsula- OMG done this so many times its not even funny!

38. Lose yourself in history in Amarillo

39. Attend a day party at SXSW in Austin

40. Pour whiskey on John Wesley Hardin’s Grave in El Paso

41. See the King of Rock and Roll in Los Fresnos- ok we drove right through this when we were going to South Padre to see my grandma… and I SOOOOO wanted to see it! Mom, I know you are reading this and when we go see Grandma next time… WE ARE STOPPING! LOL!!!

42. Spray Paint a Car at Cadillac Ranch near Amarillo (Also known as Carhenge!)

43. Sit in Silence in the Rothko Chapel in Houston

44. Relax at the Live Oaks Friends Meetinghouse in Houston

45. Celebrate the Day of the Dead in San Antonio

46. Watch 2 Texas classic Films: Lonesome Dove and The Last Picture Show (I know you were thinking Texas Chainsaw Massacre weren’t you?! LOL)

47. Eat a Chicken Fried Steak at Mary’s Café in Strawn, Tx.- personally I love my CFS or my mom’s but reading this article about my favorite meal kinda makes me wanna try it now LMAO!

48. Visit Buddy Holly’s Grave in Lubbock

49. Drive the freeway at Night in Houston- I could do this in my SLEEP I have done it so many times LOL! It’s actually very pretty, but I must say (and yes I know that I will sound like a traitor to my town) but actually downtown Fort Worth and Dallas is MUCH prettier… they got Reunion Tower- BEAUTIFUL!

50. Attend a classic High School football game- Do that each season… DS 18 plays and DD15 is in the band! LOL I GOTTA be there LOL!

51. Visit the LadyBird Johnson Wildflower Center in Austin- mom we’re going!

52. Roll down Miller Hill in Houston- LOL this is a HUGE hill in front of an Outdoor Ampetheater behind the zoo. We used to roll down it when we picniced after a day at the zoo all the time when we were little! Shoot I did it the last time I took MY kids! LOL

53. Attend Mass at Mission Concepcion in San Antonio

54. Collect a Lightning Whelk on Matagorda Bay

55. Enter a Chili Cookoff- I have attended many but never entered… wanted to though!

56. See the Dogwoods Bloom in Palestine

57. Buy a first edition in Archer City

58. Stop for Kolaches at Czech Stop in West, TX- Did you know that what we now call a kolache (those with meats, etc inside them were not “real” kolaches? Real kolaches were stuffed with fruits. Nowadays, there is the sweet kolache (fruit) and the savory (meat).

59. Read the first chapter of Los de Abajo at the Pablo Baray Apartments in El Paso

60. Snag a Picnic Table at Railroad Blues in Alpine

61. Attend the Futurity in Fort Worth

62. See Stephen F. Austin in Austin

63. Appear on the cover of Texas Monthly (they are having a contest which you can read about HERE)

OK so now that you see the list, you can see as a native Texan I have done a lot of it already at my young tender age of 33 LMAO! There are some that both my mom and I want to do and some that we think are kinda lame LOL. So I am going to challenge myself a bit. I am going to make up a Bucket List. Since I am younger I am going to put 100 things on there and see how many I can actually get accomplished. It will be an adventure for sure… kinda fun I think. SO, why not challenge yourself to make a Bucket List? Get out there and enjoy life to the fullest so when it is your time, you will have no regrets or no “I wish”es! I think I am gonna write mine up this weekend and then I will share it with you when I got it done… It can be specific to your state or nationwide… it’s your list LOL! I can think of at least 10 things for mine right now LOL!

OK, so like I said, reading the clip about the CFS at Mary’s made me really hungry! Good thing I have breakfast burritos already made LOL! But for dinner… not quite sure yet. But here is another one of those recipes I got from my mom’s book she is cutting/pasting… Again, note it has NOT been pre-tested for YUM factor!

Creamy Shrimp Alfredo


1/2 lb. linguine, uncooked
2 Tbsp. KRAFT Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing
1/2 lb. uncooked deveined peeled medium shrimp
3 cloves garlic, minced
6 oz. (3/4 of 8-oz. pkg.) PHILADELPHIA Cream Cheese, cubed
3/4 cup fat-free reduced-sodium chicken broth
1/4 cup KRAFT Grated Parmesan Cheese, divided
1 Tbsp. chopped fresh parsley


COOK pasta as directed on package. Meanwhile, heat dressing in large skillet on medium heat. Add shrimp; cook and stir 2 to 3 min. or until shrimp turn pink, adding garlic for the last minute. Remove shrimp with slotted spoon; set aside.

ADD cream cheese and broth to skillet; cook until cream cheese is completely melted, stirring frequently. Stir in shrimp and 3 Tbsp. Parmesan.

DRAIN pasta. Add to skillet; toss to coat. Transfer to platter; sprinkle with remaining Parmesan and parsley.

Ok, as for me, I gotta get off here and tend to a few things. I got a ton of hungry kitties hollerin’ for me LOL and then I need to tend to more plants today, as well as some cleaning, gotta get these bird feeders hung up, burritos made, etc. etc. etc.! My workload never lightens LMAO! Until tomorrow… HUGS!

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