Thursday, April 22, 2010


Happy Earth Day everyone. Well boys and girls, as you know its super crazy around here. I have a smidgen of good news on both topics of mass frustration I alerted you to yesterday.

First the thing with CPS… I met with the caseworker (standard) and talked to her for awhile. She told me it was originally reported in February from an anonymous tip from someone who didn’t even have my address! ARE YOU SERIOUS? She said she thought it was stupid, so once she got some more information, then she finally got around to acting on it. She said it was low priority and now having talked to my kids, met them, and met me and DH and talked to us and saw our house, etc. she can say there is no cause and it is just someone with a grudge against us. She was very nice… I offered a tour of the house to see the clean clothes, the food, etc. The lady is just doing her job and I proved that whoever said this stupid crap obviously is just abusing the system. It is true… A mother’s love is like no other! It is amazing what we will do and endure for our children… and our mothers!

Ok, now on to the other important topic… my mom. I want to thank everyone for the outpouring of support you have all shown for her. The comments, the emails, the phone calls, just everything! Even the nurse from the clinic where my mom was when all this happened called to check up and let me know that the whole clinic is praying for and thinking about my mom and our family. They are really nice people. Or could it be a CYA thing?? Maybe something they did caused all this and they are just acting really concerned? I have one of those sickening gut feelings (and I am usually right 99% of the time unfortunately) that this is more the reason they are calling… to make sure they didn’t kill her! I just have to figure how one would go about finding that out or proving that. I’ve also had emails asking if people can send a get well card, gift, etc. If you would like to do that, let me know via email and I will give you an address, ok? And I appreciate it very much. I have the best readers in the world!

As for her condition… she has improved drastically. Her vitals are darn near perfect (you’d think she should be up dancing around!) and they removed the breathing tubes a few hours after she became awake. Her throat is very raw because of the tubes but this is normal and should be better soon. She can talk some, but it is still more of a raspy whisper. The Respiratory Therapist gave her an Albuterol treatment to help her breathing. But they are keeping her in TCU overnight because she is still having the difficulty breathing. TCU, for those who don’t know, stands for Transitional Care Unit. It is not quite ICU, but the next step down… better than a regular ward but not quite as good as ICU LOL. The doctors are going to get their Pulmonary Specialist to come by and check on her breathing and lungs. They’re also going to bring in a Pain Management Specialist and Neurologist to work on the pinched nerve issue that started all this. They performed a cat scan last night to see if they could see why she had the seizure or if there was any damage from it and the results were negative on both issues… THANK GOD! The doctor gave his OK for her to start eating (if she wants to) and was able to drink some cool water today. She was also CHEWING ON CRUSHED ICE! (She LOVES crushed Ice LOL!) Then I got notice from my Dad that said:

While I was out, the Pulmonary Specialist came by and did his examination. It appears that she has amassed some fluid on her lungs, which is why she is having some trouble breathing. They’ve set her up for additional Albuterol treatments every 4 hours, and have decided to keep her in the TCU overnight. When I came back in at 8pm, she was taking one of the treatments. Afterward she sounded a bit better – not quite so “raspy” as before. They’ve also started her back on some of her regular meds. They’re having to crush them up and mix ‘em into some sugar-free pudding so she can swallow them. They’re also working on getting her blood sugar back under control. She’s getting her regular doses of insulin and a third kind which is supposed to take some of the “swing” out of her sugar numbers. She’s down to the low 300’s (still high, but doing much better). Hopefully, if all goes well tonight, she’ll be in her own room by tomorrow.

So, fluid on the lungs... not good! I have read about some of the reasons and it scares the crap out of me! And they are hoping to move her to a regular room sometime today… which is good cause I really need to see my mommy. I cry at the drop of the hat and it’s hard to focus on everything I need to get done. Trying to stay strong, help everyone, take care of everything, and answer all the phone calls is proving a tough battle. My mother is one tough cookie, let me tell ya! I’ve always respected my mom (and dad) and everything they have done, but this… wow!

I do have a bit of “normalicy” for you today. As you know, today is Earth Day and there are actually some things you can get for free today. Also I hope you are planting some trees out there peeps! Go to this Yahoo Article and see some of the free stuff you can get today… from tote bags to hats to park admissions! And don't forget to go to HEB today with your 5 plastic bags for a free reusable shopping bag!

Ok, I’m trying to keep myself busy as best I can really. I have washed 18 loads of laundry, painted all their door jams, cooked, cleaned, fed and watered animals, and tons of other things. Keeping myself busy keeps me from sitting here balling constantly. I think I will be much better when I can see her. Until then, it’s the jelly brained busy bee for me! My mom surprised me by going online, before all of this happened, and bought the fabric I wishlisted on Amazon for my kitchen! I should never have taught her how to pull that up LOL! So now, my kitchen will be extra super special because she bought it for me. She said it was a “thank you” for all I have done. No thanks necessary! So maybe I will work with that some… of course maybe not cause I might just cry all over it! Not sure yet… just have to see what the day holds. I might just go and wash more clothes and such… which I really should do! Yea I think I will. DH can take care of this house today! Anyway, let me get off here and try to get moving. Thank you all again for such kindness you continue to express! HUGS!

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  1. glad to hear the better news today...
    prayers continue to come form ohio
    I had sent a card to your addy before she got real ill. so that should be coming soon.
    ask the MD about the fluid, it might not be as bad as you would imagine.. maybe just a byproduct of the seizure or being intubated???