Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Morning kids. I hope this message finds you well this morning. I cannot say the same here unfortunately. A lot of things have happened and they are pretty bad, so I am here to let you know that today (and probably for the next few days at least) I won't be posting any happy go lucky jokes or even crafts and recipes... it would be a good time for you to maybe catch up on what you may have missed, etc.

You see, as you know my mother had a dr. appt. Monday and a special procedure scheduled for yesterday. Well the procedure could not be done and in trying, she had a seizure and is now in the hospital in critical condition. She is intebated and on a ventilator and they have to keep her sedated for now. As of last night they were trying to get a bed for her in ICU. It is a very scary time for our family right now.

To make matters worse (I know how much worse can they get right?), someone had the audacity to call CPS on me and tell them that my DS14 stinks... DO WHAT? So they talked to my daughter and she was flabbergasted and even the social worker said she didn't know why she was called and it was absurd! So I have to go through all of this bull crap while worrying about my mom! It has NOT been a good 24 hours.

So I am going to get off here and head out to see if my mom's condition has changed. I will talk to you all soon. Please pray, send good wishes, whatever you can do... as she really needs them right now! HUGS!


  1. Vincent (from Vermont)April 21, 2010 at 7:53 AM

    How awfully outlandish! Just show CPS you are not doing anything but good for your child and if they understand that a 14 year old is hormonal and sweaty/stinky, they will drop it. As for your mother, I shall pray for her and your whole family. We hope she gets well very soon. Take care of yourself or you cannot help others. Vermont loves the Frugal Mom and her family!

  2. My goodness some people need to get a life don't concern yourself with that comment ,have hubby have a talk with DS and see he hits the shower each day , case closed .
    You poor dear you must be sick with worry over your Mom ,my prayers are with you and your family .Your Dad must be besides himself right now .Like the last person who posted said you really must take care of yourself in order to help your parents .

  3. Oh gee, don't these people realize teens are supposed to sweat and get stinky? Especially boys! You are an awesome mom (wish you were mine at times haha) and everything will be fine.

    As for your mom, tell her we are hoping for the best for her! We miss her around here with her great comments. Make sure you eat and take care of yourself or you can't take care of your parents. I learned that years ago. A big cyber hug to you and your family!

  4. Hi there, I am a long time reader/first time poster and I just want to tell you that I think you are a super strong woman to do all you do for your family members and others too. The CPS system is unfortunately abused alot nowadays by idiots who just don't like the parents so they lash out like that. If the caseworker is smart, they will see there is no truth to the allegations. And about your mother, well I just cried when I read of her misfortune. I am so sorry she is suffering like this, but there is a reason for everything. Believing that is the only way to get through hard times sometimes. I wish her the very best and hope she gets well very soon. We will patiently be awaiting you to get back to your normal chipper self and your entries... we shall be faithfully waiting LOL! You take care of yourself and your family and we will see you when you return!

  5. oh dear, Renee... I am so sorry this has happened to your mom . My prayers are with your whole family...
    forget those stupid people... I imagine all will be dropped when they see what is going on .

  6. Oh you poor thing! I went through something similar with my mother last year so I know how hard this is on you. Prayers and good vibes going out to your mother and your family. Stay strong and see you soon.

  7. The Carter FamilyApril 21, 2010 at 9:48 PM

    CPS cannot make your son bathe... just make sure there is no abuse. They certainly can't do nothing about strong body odor... so just ignore them. You are taking care of your son very well and its ridiculous that someone is so petty to try and hurt you like that. We are praying for your mother here in Nevada. You are a good daughter to step in and do God's bidding by assuming so much weight and responsibility. Sending her our love and our prayers for a very speedy recovery.