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Good morning everyone. Hope today finds you well… it finds me very soggy! I am so sick of the dang rain, its not even funny! Its “supposed” to stop later today, but I will believe it when I see it! Thanks for your comment Jean… as for functioning with a kidney stone… well I’ve been dealing with a lot of pain for many years now… I have an unbelievable tolerance. But it does slow me down a lot lol, so that’s when I do a lot of stuff sitting down. My family needs to be taken care of, so I do what I have to do… LOL! It’s just my mindset I’ve always had.

Ok, I got an email late last night from Rachel, asking me about what I think about tattoos and piercings. (I guess cause I have mentioned references to Frank’s tattoo machines, job, etc.) I say hey, if you like it, go for it. To each their own. Just be responsible and most importantly LEGAL about it. And to answer your other question, yes I have both. However, I also have “rules” for myself and my family regarding body art/jewelry.

1. You must be able to cover it up to look “presentable” in different scenarios during life. Nothing below the elbow, on the face, etc. that can’t be covered or removed (jewelry). This rule is mainly to make life easier, because let’s face it… society is not as open-minded as we would like everywhere we go.

2. I won’t put anything on my body that doesn’t have a special meaning. I’m not going to put skulls and Satan and stuff on my body that I won’t be proud of even at 90 years old. How would I explain that to my grandkids? I mean if you like that, then more power to ya… it’s just not me. Oh and remember, time is not necessarily kind to the body… I’m not gonna get, lets say a Tweety bird, on my stomach and in 10 years, it turns into Big Bird! NO NO NO LOL!

Oh, so you wanna know how many and what I have, huh? OK… well I have my ears pierced… 3 times per ear. I also have my eyebrow pierced and I had my tongue pierced. My husband also has his ear and Labre both pierced. He has his eyebrow done but it closed up I have 6 tattoos and I plan on getting just a couple more… Oh and you want to see?? LMAO… ok ok… look-

This is my husband’s name on the base of my neck (yes there is a myth that its bad luck to put a man/woman’s name on your body, but I don’t believe in that… and Frank has the matching one of my name in the same spot!).

This is my Cherry Blossom tree with my Asian words for Father, Daughter, Mother, Sister, Brother. The tree represents new beginnings (had a bit of a rough time with my family) and the yin and yang symbols in between the words. (I designed this one myself.)

This is my tribute to my kids… the puzzle piece is the “symbol” for autism and the music notes for my daughter. They are backwards because she is my mirror image (when you look in the mirror, the notes are the right way… its cool!) Then of course their names on top and bottom. Frank designed this one.

This is the Breast Cancer Butterfly on my ankle. I am a survivor and I have lost loved ones from the disease as well. It hits very close to home with me.

This is my left shoulder piece that wraps around the arm following the blade. Its in honor of my mother. She loves hummingbirds and day lillies, so I combined them and added the words. We still have to finish coloring in the bird, but isn’t it pretty? My mom loves it!

This is a funny one… its my “tramp stamp” as my brother calls it! It’s the Roman numerals for 30. The hubs says it’s my “porn star stamp” but that isn’t what it means at all. I put that on my back because with looking in the past (behind me… hense on the back), when I turned 30 I had a bunch of changes in my life. It was a major milestone for me.

I still want to get one wrapping the other shoulder in honor of my dad, and then something specific for my brothers. I haven’t came up with anything good yet that I would want to grow old with, so that’s why I don’t have them. I want to get a white rose bleeding with black shadows and ribbons for my son who has past as well. I want to add to the butterflies, with other ribbons for causes that have effected my life. I am thinking about having them flying up my leg… not sure yet about that though. I have a couple others in mind too, but we’ll stop there for now. Oh and I forgot to answer your last question… Frank has like 14… including a half sleeve on his left arm and a HUGE back piece in the center. But they are all ones he can cover up if he needs to be a “PTA” dad LOL!

Ok so… has all this talk about body art got you in a crafty mood? Me either lol… maybe someone who can draw would be… I however cannot draw anything past a stick person LMAO! BUT I can sew and craft, however, LOL… sew we are gonna get to the-

Craft Idea of the Day: Cash Canisters

These are super simple to make. We take an old 1 pound oatmeal canister and clean it out real good of dust, etc. Then, using either Modge Podge, regular white glue, hot glue, or tape, wrap colored or printed paper, or wrapping paper around the canister and secure in place. On the lid, make a 2 ½ inch long cut and make it about 1 centimeter wide, forming a rectangle hole. This hole will be big enough to put a gift card, paper money, or change through! You can add stickers, letters, pictures, whatever you want to it! Coordinate it for the room you put it in or the purpose of the container (Christmas, Vacation, Birthday, etc.). Now I hear you, and you are saying how cute it is, but how do you avoid spending the money, especially if you’re in a “rough spot”. I know I have that problem every so often… so here’s the solution… HOT GLUE the lid on… that way you CAN’T take it off and “borrow” from the bank. Each month I try to put at least 1- $20-$50 gift card to a store I know I will be shopping at for Christmas, or my change, or even paper money sometimes. Last year, I had a total of 7 canisters and almost $900 in cash and gift cards. If you can do more one month, then by all means do so… for example tax time, or some overtime on a paycheck, or if you had a bill that was less than you budgeted for… put the excess in the canister. It adds up QUICK trust me! The Santa one is the first of our Christmas funds this year, and I also covered one with paper play money that could be for the cash canister idea (although this one will be something else which I’ll share later on down the road LOL!)

Onward to food… my personal favorite subject LOL! Hot Wings are coming up a lot from my readers… Jean to answer your question, no I really don’t eat too many of them. I do make them however and I normally do it in the oven, although you CAN make them in the crock pot. You can make BBQ, Asian, Spicy, etc. Still looking for Melissa’s Honey BBQ copycat though… not finding it as of yet. So tomorrow, I’ll post some various Chicken wing recipes for you guys and gals… Alright, now its time to eat… got another houseful tonight, so I need a big meal with stuff I already have… hmmm… I got it! I never get any leftovers of this… which I guess is a good thing LOL!

Tater-Tot Casserole


2 lbs. extra lean ground beef
1 can cream of mushroom soup
1 (2 pound) bag frozen tater tots
1 cup grated cheddar cheese


Season beef with your favorite herbs/spices. Brown meat and then drain fat. Crumble enough Tater tots in the bottom of a greased 13x9x2-inch to form a thin “crust”. Pat ground beef into bottom of pan. Spread soup over meat and cover with grated cheese. Top with remaining tater tots. Bake at 350 degrees, covered for 45 minutes and then uncovered for 15 minutes.

Well, its gonna be a LONGGGG next few days as the kids are out of school (Martin Luther King and Teacher Inservice/Student Holidays) and the weatherman predicts rain all 4 days! UGH! Stuck inside with a bunch of rowdy people… not nice! LOL! I’m so glad I learned to tune them out years ago LMAO! I’ll be going through all the things I have been pulling out of storage, crafting, and of course COOKING! LOL! Well have a great day and I will see you back here tomorrow. HUGS!

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