Monday, January 4, 2010


Morning there youngsters! How you doing today? I am absolutely WONDERFUL! LOL… my kids are all quietly tucked away in their classrooms and I am all alone! Well, the hubs is in the back snoring his head off but over the years I have learned to tune him out LOL! I looked over the weather this morning and got a big shock… Its gonna get below freezing by the end of the week (YUK!). Man oh man is this gonna be an interesting time. Gonna have to get gloves and coats and hats and tons of blankets to keep everyone warm! Don’t get me wrong, I like it cold but this is a little much! Anyway, so here I sit eating my breakfast in the silence (and man is it wonderful!) and I want to give a big public CONGRATULATIONS to Susan and any of my other readers expecting a new addition in the New Year!

Ok gang… I told you… a New Year held some exciting things in store! The first thing for the New Year is a give-away. Yes you heard right! I am always preaching about my crock pots and how much I love them… so on February 1, 2010 I will be giving one lucky follower a brand new Crock Pot 7qt. Slow cooker! That’s big enough to feed 9 people or make freezable or leftover meals. Its an awesome item! Now what you have to do is- 1. Be a registered follower to be eligible. 2. Leave a comment on an announced day about how you have promoted my blog OR leave an idea for a future blog topic you would like to see discussed. There will be 3 announced days. 3. Email me your full name and address. The names will be printed out and put into a jar if you meet all the requirements. My DS14 will be asked to pull a name out of the jar on the morning of February 1st before he goes to school. That’s it! I’m gonna make this first giveaway as simple as that! This will also determine if I do any more giveaways in the future. So good luck and be watching! And also if you are seeking out the Trio I talk about so much, you can purchase them on the CrockPot website!

Oh, I got more “casual” pictures for you… hubs is getting a kick out of this. I always fight to have pics taken, but someone wanted “action” shots LOL of me in the kitchen. So here you have me fixing lunch and prepping some of the dinner pots yesterday. Be nice as I was in pain and cold and tired LOL!

Me grilling the shrimp skewers.

Me stirring the crock pots.

New York strip steak and Shrimp Skewers for lunch YUMMY!! Ain't it pretty?? LOL

Ok I wanted to share a recipe I found with you from a book from (what I call) my PIL collection… Publications International Ltd. Series of books. This one I was browsing through is called the Campbell’s Slow Cooker Recipes. Keep in mind I have never tried this, but the picture was so pretty and it looked absolutely delish! So if you try this one out before I do, let me know how it worked out for you!

Campbell’s Chicken & Sausage Paella

1 pound skinless, boneless chicken thighs, cut into cubes
1 pound chorizo or andouille sausage, thinly sliced
2 cups uncooked regular long grain white rice
1 large red onion, chopped (about 1 cup)
3 cups Campbell’s condensed Chicken Broth
1 can (10.75 oz.) Campbell’s Condensed Tomato Soup
1 cup frozen peas, thawed
½ cup chopped Manzanella olives
2 tablespoons chopped Fresh Parsley


1. Stir the chicken, sausage, rice, onion, broth, and soup into a 6qt. Slow cooker.

2. Cover and cook on LOW for 6 to 7 hours or HIGH for 4 to 5 hours or until the chicken is cooked through.

3. Stir in the peas and olives into the Slow Cooker. Cover and cook until the mixture is hot. Sprinkle with parsley.

As for tonight’s dinner in my house… I think that its gonna be clean out the fridge night cause everyone will be here and/or coming over and there is a ton of stuff in there (since I cook practically 24-7) that needs to go. Waste not want not! Not gonna put out too much over-effort cause I woke up not feeling good at all and it seems to be getting worse as the minutes go by. Gonna try to concentrate on a lot of sit down things today, and maybe get a bit of cleaning done! But mainly, today is about enjoying the peace & quiet! And let me tell ya, it’s only been about an hour, but like McDonalds… Ba da ba ba ba… I’M LOVIN’ IT! LMAO! So I’m outta here kids. Be watching for the days I say “its “COMMENT” day (NOT NOW… I’ll tell ya in the first paragraph of that day’s post LMAO I’ll dream up some more fancy fun things to share tomorrow… HUGS!

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