Saturday, December 5, 2009


Hey guys and gals... sorry for another late post. Been outside with the craft sale all day without any results except for frozen feet & no circulation in them (no kidding my toes were purple when I came in), alot of swelling, tears, and an all around BAD day! I am glad to be in, semi-thawed out, where I can just be me and chat with my friends. Blogging today actually is making me more happy the more I type. So thank you for being my cyber-buddies. Where would I be without you all? I love ya!

Ok, sitting in my craft booth/sale all day I was looking at all my stuff thinking "what do I want to share with you today"... I am gonna share 2 crafts with you today cause its getting very close to Christmas and I want you all to have lots of ideas to pick from and work on. Variety is the spice of life LOL! The first one I actually mentioned the other day when talking about gifts... and the name is courtesy of my friend Jean from Ohio! (Thanks Sweetie!!) It's called "Gift of Renee in a Jar" (using your own name of course)...

Craft Idea of the Day: "Gift of (Your name here) in a Jar"
Here is what the concept is... You cut 52 small slips of paper. You write (or print) 1 different chore that you can do (wash laundry, cook a dinner, do household shopping, etc.) on each slip. fold it up. Take a clean mason jar and put the slips in the jar. You can add candies to the jar if you like or leave them out. Put the lid on and glue a cute fabric top or decorate however you like. On the tag or label, write "Gift of (---) in a Jar" and the instructions that they can only pull out one slip a week and whatever they pull out, you will perform for them that week. Could be cooking their favorite meal, washing their clothes, etc. You just gave them a gift to last all year long and it only cost you pennies to make! If you only need one or 2, try looking at thrift stores and Goodwill, etc. or ask a friend if they have one. If you are doing a bunch (or if you do any canning as well), a case is fairly inexpensive at the local discount "W" store (at least it is around $6-7 here. When I get one of mine done, I will come back and post a picture for you!

OK, now I told you I was gonna give you a bonus idea for today, so here ya go...
BONUS Craft Idea for Today: Casserole Dish Covers
All this simple craft requires is 2 tapestry placemats, a small piece of velcro, and a piece of ribbon. You can add a wooden spoon for appearance if you want. Sew a 12in. ribbon onto the right side of one of the placemats. Stitch the ribbon onto the placemat about 1 inch or so from the side edge and make sure the ribbon is stitched in the center of it. On the INSIDE of the place mat under the ribbon, sew on one side of a piece of velcro about 1-2 inches long. Sew the other velcro side to the left inside area of the other placemat so when the mats are placed together, the velcro pieces will be together holding the cover closed. With the right sides together, sew both placemats together (inside out) along the 2 long sides and the one short side WITHOUT the ribbon & velcro. You are kinda making a little "pillowcase" if you will. Once sewn together on all 3 sides, flip the cover inside out. Close at the end by putting the 2 velcro pieces together. Tie the ribbon around a wooden (or plastic) serving utensil.

You can also do this using fabric and lining you may have. I happened to find the placemats clearanced LAST year after the holidays and so I picked up a bunch of them. I got a box full for .10c each, had tons of ribbon and velcro already, and bought a 4pk of wooden spoons at the dollar store, so that was .25c each... Works out to .45c per casserole cover! I think I can handle that LOL!

As for food... well the gang is actually eating the portions of meals (soups, etc. I have been stashing in the freezer. So not really a recipe of the day to share. So I think with that I am gonna go sit with my family and watch Irving Berlin's White Christmas on TV (my absolutely FAVORITE Christmas movie). Popcorn, family, and relaxation... what a night! Look for another late blog tomorrow and then back to early ones on Monday! Thanks again for boosting my spirits... talk to you tomorrow! HUGS!

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